I haven’t posted in almost a month now, and not because I forgot about my blog. I still have ideas and thoughts that I wish to express. And that’s what I’ve always used my blog for- to express my thoughts. But on some level I wish for my blog to be more than that. And it is more than that. If my blog posts were really just about me expressing myself, I wouldn’t care about how many views I got or how many people liked my post. I wouldn’t bother with searching the net for a picture that would go along with the post.

I’d been blogging for a year without finding out my true purpose behind this activity. I’d come disastrously close to quitting, but I decided to take a break instead, to ponder over the purpose of my posts. And I’ll share what I found out.

My posts tend not to stick clichéd topics and views, but center around new perspectives and arguments. Most of them are rather philosophical, while some are motivational. The topics covered are vast, from friendship to bodybuilding, from

taxation to drugs, from the meaning of life to importance of communication.

I’ve encountered ‘bloggers’ who do nothing more than ramble on about their lives (yes, I see the irony) or post quotes from the net. That may suit them, but that’s not what provides me contentment. And after what seems like an extremely long break, I’ve realized what I’m looking for. I don’t merely want more views on my blog; I want influence.

Not the evil guy ‘I-want-to-control-the-world’ kind of influence (not yet, anyway), but the ability to influence people’s thoughts. I don’t need everyone to agree with me on every post, or any of them, but I do want to make people reflect. I want to make them question things; I want to provide the other sides of the coins. Indeed, I feel obliged to quote J.S Mill, not once, but twice:

“He who knows only his own side of the case knows little of that”

“Truth emerges through a clash of adverse ideas”

I want to create that clash, the platform for a civil exchange of opposing ideas and views. I want people who disagree with me to express their issues of contention so that we both can find the truth within each other’s ideas and thus gain a better understanding of the world around us.

And so here’s the simple purpose I’ve discovered. To make my readers think. For that is an activity scarcely undertaken these days.



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