One of my friends at the gym had given me a wristband for my birthday. On the band, it was written ‘Dream It- Achieve It- Flaunt It’.

Personally, I’ve never shied from showing off. I’ve heard people tell me ‘Hey, you shouldn’t show off.’ And my reaction has always been ‘Why?’

It really annoys me when people act as if they can decide the way I show my body. I’m gonna flex my arms whenever I want to, and I’m going to walk with my chest pushed out and there’s really nothing you can do about it.

You know why you can’t stop me from showing off? Because you’re doing the same thing. You’re showing your three chins and floppy over-sized belly. And please, don’t tell me that I am choosing to show off my body. You’ve chosen to show off too. You chose to not exercise and you chose to eat whatever you wanted to. And that’s completely fine. We both had choices over how we wished to treat our body. You stuffed it with junk, and now you’re upset cause I’m showing you what you could’ve achieved if you’d treat it proper.

People don’t really mind others showing off. They mind it when the person showing off is better than they are. If someone is parading an item inferior to the one you possess, you won’t be bothered by them. If you show your new BMW to people driving Lamborghinis, they won’t call it showing off. If you show the same BMW to people without a car, they’ll consider it showing off. The truth is that people only accuse you of flaunting if it makes them feel insecure about themselves.

There was a phase, when my efforts at the gym were really beginning to show and I let others know of it. But since I got that wristband, I stopped flaunting. Why? Because I was missing a step.

I had dreamed, and I was flaunting, but I hadn’t achieved the body I was aiming at. Until you’ve achieved it, you mustn’t flaunt it.

It is on this principle that I despise children in my age group boasting about the new phone they purchased, or the expensive shoes they just got. I get annoyed at this because they didn’t achieve it. They didn’t earn it. And since you’ve not achieved it, you’re not justified in flaunting it.

Flaunting is about telling others what you achieved. But why do you tell others? Because you worked hard to achieve what you did and somewhere deep down you want people to recognize that. You want people to see the effort you put in, and you want them to respect that effort. You’re human, and just like all others, you like being praised. You enjoy getting complimented because it makes you feel good. And if you’ve been putting hard work into something, you deserve what others give you for it, be it envy or praise.

But here’s the thing. If you haven’t achieved something, then what are you flaunting? That phone you’re showing off? You didn’t achieve it. You just got it. You said ‘Dad, I want a new phone for my birthday’ and your only accomplishment was staying alive till your birthday rolled in.

Bask in envy, and bow before praise. There are going to be people annoyed that you’re showing off. Let them be. You don’t need anything from them. Soak in their jealousy. Believe me, it feels great. There are going to be people who praise you for what you’re showing off. Don’t flaunt again in front of them, because they’ve already recognized your effort, and too much of anything becomes annoying.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with showing off, as long as you achieved what you’re exhibiting.



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  1. Aidin says:

    I agree to an extend. For me, humility has an element of wisdom to it, but I prefer a person to flaunt their achievements than resort to false modesty. Insincerity is always unbearable and unflattering.

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  2. shruti502 says:

    Your writing is excellent!Keep up!This post too was worth pondering over and again I am taking out something really good.Thank you so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. I’m delighted that you enjoyed it

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